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(01) About this Blog

I will be using this blog to document the process I use to master playing the chromatic harmonica. The goal is to provide a resource to...

(02) Begin with Inspiration

Posted 12/21/20 I recommend you begin your study of the Chromatic harmonica as I did with exposure to some of the best talent in the...

(03) Finding Books that Help

I began building my resources with a few print items. Searching the web or Amazon results in a lot of results. I'll share the three I...

(11) Cheat Sheet 01

I created a visual "cheat sheet" to keep out when I am practicing. This provides a reminder of the hole "assignment" on a 12 hole...

(13) The F Major Scale

Remember my plan is to initially master several major scales and then to be able to play several simple melodies in each key. After I...

(19) D Major Scale

Next in scale mastery on the Chromatic will be the D Major Scale. Expect a bit of difficulty in that it is the first scale with two...

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